Updates and full information soon to follow.

MUSIC SP was an operating system developed at McGill University to allow time sharing and interactive computing.
the system was very ahead of its time, allowing for multiple users to interactively work on programs as opposed to just submitting batch jobs.

I was supposed to pick up a compact IBM system 390 mainframe from an airport in tampa FL. Negotiations degraded until I decided to drop the deal and pass on picking up the machine.
Sadly I have not been able to find a sutible machine that would be as compact and complete as the one that was on offer. At first the machine was free, next they decided they wanted to sell
the machine for scrap value, which i paid a deposit on. Later they decided after the machine was inspected and paid for that boards and drive had to be removed and destroyed for security reasons.
At the risk of ending up with an incomplete machine that was missing critical parts that were unobtainable, I decided to cut my losses and pass on the mainframe. I am upset they backed out of the
deal, and decided to keep fucking around with the details, and have not found a sutible machine since.

Until a sutible Real hardware 370 or 390 mainframe can be aquired, an online enulation via the hercules emulator is being provided.
as of right now the emulaton of a mainframe running MUSIC/SP is up and running and avalible at devindamico.com on port 3270.
An account can be made for you upon email request, Im hoping to get an automated php script running soon to automate signups.

The intent is to provide a reliable running system until real hardware can be aquired. Hopefully others will share an interest, and the system will be useful to others needing to test out cobol, fortran, Rexx, etc.
I soon hope to have a forum running on this site, or within the mainframe itself, to allow users to interact or callaborate.